Human Biology Volume 83, Number 1, February 2011

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Human Biology Volume 83, Number 1

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A worldwide forum for state-of-the-art ideas, methods, and techniques in the field, Human Biology focuses on genetics in its broadest sense. Included under this rubric are: human population genetics, evolutionary and genetic demography, quantitative genetics, evolutionary biology, ancient DNA studies, biological diversity interpreted in terms of adaptation (biometry, physical anthropology), and interdisciplinary research linking biological and cultural diversity (inferred from linguistic variability, ethnological diversity, archaeological evidence, etc.)

Table of Contents

Drafting Human Ancestry: What Does the Neanderthal Genome Tell Us about Hominid Evolution? Commentary on Green et al. (2010)
Michael Hofreiter

Genetic Homogeneity Across Bantu-Speaking Groups from Mozambique and Angola Challenges Early Split Scenarios between East and West Bantu Populations
Isabel Alves, Margarida Coelho, Christopher Gignoux, Albertino Damasceno, António Prista, and Jorge Rocha

Increased Resolution of Y Chromosome Haplogroup T Defines Relationships among Populations of the Near East, Europe, and Africa
Fernando L. Mendez, Tatiana M. Karafet, Thomas Krahn, Harry Ostrer, Himla Soodyall, and Michael F. Hammer

Mitochondrial DNA in Basque Descendants from the City of Trinidad, Uruguay: Uruguayan- or Basque-like Population?
M. Sans, G. Figueiro, E. Ackermann, I. Barreto, A. Egaña, B. Bertoni, E. Poittevin-Gilmet, D. Maytia, and P. C. Hidalgo

Obesity, Hypertension, and Migration: A Meta-Analysis of Populations of the South Asian Diaspora
Lorena Madrigal, Jeffrey Brady, Michelle Raxter, Ernesto Ruiz, Flory Otarola, and Mwenza Blell

Reconstructing the History of Residence Strategies in Indo- European–Speaking Societies: Neo-, Uxori-, and Virilocality
Laura Fortunato

Reconstructing the History of Marriage Strategies in Indo-European–Speaking Societies: Monogamy and Polygyny
Laura Fortunato

Supporting Information: Reconstructing the History of Marriage and Residence Strategies in Indo-European—Speaking Societies
Laura Fortunato

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